Funnel strategy can seem complex!

I simplify it by creating automated systems which entice your ideal clients and nurture your leads effectively, resulting in more sales. 

My support is perfect for you if you have a new: lead magnet, daily online challenge, webinar, digital product, online course or group program.

I provide full tech support with the following tasks:

  • Landing page and thank you page creation 

  • Sales page creation 

  • Banner opt-in form creation on other website pages

  • Email sequence set-up 

  • Integrating your landing pages and sales page with your email platform

  • Templates for written content (pages and emails)

  • PDF and graphic creations within Canva, such as a freebie file and promotional graphics

  • Email newsletter set-up 

  • Tripwire set up

  • Website updates and improvements

  • Full website creation on Squarespace

Packages are fully customised and tailored to your business. 

Let me deal with all the technical stress, while you focus on creating amazing valuable content and showing up consistently for your audience!

I know you are ready to grow your business, so let's do this - TOGETHER!

Discover ongoing support that removes any feeling of overwhelm.

Working with Abby is amazing, you guys all have to work with Abby. Abby saved my life when I was super busy, she jumped right into helping me with all different tasks, specifically the tech details when we first started working together. She set up my Mail Chimp platform, she did my sales page in LeadPages, she set up my Acuity - all the tasks I had no idea and no interest in even tackling. Abby did it all without me having to do anything, it was a dream come true.
— Business strategist, Jenny Watzka


  1. Fill out the application form via the button below.

  2. I will review the form and if I feel like this will be a good fit, I shall send you a link to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me.

  3. On our call, I will ask you questions to learn all about your business and gather specific details of the project. You will have the chance to ask me as many questions as you’d like too.

  4. After the call, I will send you a proposal detailing the exact deliverables and the cost.

  5. Once you approve the proposal, yayyy, I will be doing a little ‘happy dance'! 

  6. I will send over my welcome pack, including documents containing all the information that I need to begin the project. The invoice will be included too.

  7. I will share with you a detailed timeline and task management document, to ensure a smooth, organised project.

Abby has become a critical member of my team. In fact, I consider her the integrator of all things technical needed for my online literary marketing business. I was unable to scale or automate effectively due to my limited technical knowledge of the various programs for creating funnels and email marketing. Abby even is a master at website design and quickly relaunched my site within 10 days. As a result, I was able to maintain my online presence. There isn’t anything Abby isn’t willing to learn and she always completes her projects ahead of schedule. She is a valuable asset to team Tiny Triumph Co.
— Children's Literary Branding Coach, Oanh Jordan

 You want to have more time?

You want to increase your visibility?

You want more sales?

You want to be able to better serve your clients?

Get in touch with me and it can all be taken care of!