You’re doing great. You’re helping people, managing your company, and making sweet connections, but you still lose a lot of time configuring and managing your brand. And you’ve got those really annoying upper-eye migraines that don’t go away even when you sit in the dark and… okay I’ll stop here. I’m waving in your direction. See me? I can help you! 

✔︎ Make sure your content is picture perfect before it goes live

✔︎ Increase leads while sleeping

✔︎ Use email marketing platforms without worrying about software

✔︎ Get landing page success and save time for other tasks

✔︎ I’ll free up your time by creating smart content solutions that are built from your goals. 

✔︎ Power your Instagram the right way

✔︎ Increase your web traffic by ruling the Pinterest game

✔︎ Up your Instagram aesthetic without lifting a finger

✔︎ Become a conversation starter on Facebook

✔︎ Pose thoughtful questions in email campaigns

✔︎ Discover ongoing support that helps you connect with your ideal clients 

Working with Abby is amazing, you guys all have to work with Abby. Abby saved my life when I was super busy, she jumped right into helping me with all different tasks, specifically the tech details when we first started working together. She set up my Mail Chimp platform, she did my sales page in LeadPages, she set up my Acuity - all the tasks I had no idea and no interest in even tackling. Abby did it all without me having to do anything, it was a dream come true.
— Business strategist, Jenny Watzka

Below is an outline of all my packages. My packages are fully customisable and can be adapted to exactly what you need, as I understand no two clients are the same. 


Funnel Set Up


Do you have a new lead magnet, a new product or service, an upcoming webinar, an online daily challenge, but you need a funnel set up to entice people in, collect email addresses and ensure you are nurturing your new potential clients effectively?

Do you have the content and vision in your mind, however have absolute confusion on how everything links up and functions in a smooth process? You need a streamlined system which is super easy for people, leaves a good impression in their mind and makes you stand out. 

From my knowledge and experience of various platforms, I can solve all your problems and totally take all the stress away for you. I can make everything automated, so you don’t have to even lift a finger. 

  • I will create the landing page, ensuring its formatted properly and looks beautiful. 

  • I’ll integrate your email marketing platform and set up the email sequence.

  • I will add signup forms on your website, which will lead people to your landing page and ultimately result in a growing email list. 

  • I know incredible graphic designers and copywriters to improve and build upon your content even further.

Let me deal with all the technical stress for you, you focus on creating amazing value and I’ll make sure people see your amazingness.  

Packages start at: £490 for the initial funnel set up


Instagram Strategy and Plan


You know you should be visible on Instagram, but struggle with how to plan your content into a consistent, beautiful looking feed that attracts new followers? Or you don’t have the time (or maybe not the right ‘eye’) to source out the perfect stock images or create great looking branded graphics? When people mention that you need to be using the right hashtags, it leaves you feeling dizzy with what is the ‘right’ hashtags and how to research them.

I can help you with your WHOLE Instagram strategy, including:

  • A fully optimised profile attracting your ideal client

  • A content strategy all planned out for the month

  • Hashtags which will make you visible and grow your account

  • My support on how to do effective engagement

  • An in-depth analytics report, so we can improve the strategy further

Packages start at: £345 per month


Content Repurposing


Repurposing content is such a great way to have more content and be more visible, without having to actually CREATE more. How great does that sound? 

I totally understand your desire of wanting to be everywhere and have all different types of content, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s almost impossible unless you’re superwoman. However, I have a plan! A system which I’ve been implementing with other clients already. 

If you often do Facebook Lives…

  • I can write those up into a beautifully worded blog post

  • Which can be posted on Pinterest with your own pins

  • Further promoted on Instagram via a post and in your story

  • Be distributed to your email subscribers, either by linking to the blog post or as an enticing way to get them to join your group

The opportunities with content repurposing is endless. I’ve even helped clients with turning content from a course they ran live into a self-paced course. Writing up the content spoken in videos and producing workbooks. Simply provide me with some form of initial content and I’ll take care of everything else.

Packages start at: £390 per month



Along with my packages above, I can also:

  • Manage your Facebook posts: on your business page, in groups including your own group (if applicable)

  • Manage all of your content in Trello, set up is included

  • Carry out any website maintenance and updates to go along with content marketing strategy, such as new lead magnets, blog design updates, adding new photos and copy content etc

Priced on request, depending on what packages you’d like to include.



*Please note that all prices of my packages above are in GBP.
If you want a rough estimate in your own currency, you can do so using this currency converter.

Abby is a rock star VA! She is fast, smart, reliable and excellent at communicating, plus she is a beautiful person inside and out! Couldn’t recommend Abby highly enough!
— Mindset and Success Coach, Hayley Tapper
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