Tiny Triumph Co.


Oanh Jordan is a Children’s Literary Branding Coach and has been a client of mine for some months now. Along with assisting her with many tasks, we often have strategy calls and frequently discuss how we can improve her funnel and build upon her current offering.

I firstly created her website, including: all the blog posts, the various opt-in forms, landing pages, quiz embed linked to in her announcement bar, her masterclass digital product and integrating her email platform MailChimp. Along with adding her product to the site, I edited the presentation video and assisted with the workbook.


Within MailChimp, I have set up all the email sequences and guided Oanh with how to send out broadcast emails.

To go along with Oanh’s latest offerings, I have also created Instagram graphics, especially for her story. Below is an example of the graphics created for her masterclass product IG story. I gave Oanh notes too with where to place additional elements to further engagement as she was posting to her story.


Abby has become a critical member of my team. In fact, I consider her the integrator of all things technical needed for my online literary marketing business. I was unable to scale or automate effectively due to my limited technical knowledge of the various programs for creating funnels and email marketing. Abby even is a master at website design and quickly relaunched my site within 10 days. As a result, I was able to maintain my online presence. There isn't anything Abby isn't willing to learn and she always completes her projects ahead of schedule. She is a valuable asset to team Tiny Triumph Co.


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