Tips on how to set up an online webinar

Are you hosting a online webinar but are confused about some of the technical aspects? I understand how it can be totally mind-boggling working out all the aspects. 

Do you have a great idea of what the webinar will be about and the content for the webinar, but feeling confused about how to then set it up and gain registrations? Here’s some tips!


Webinars are great at showcasing your knowledge and why you are an expert on a certain topic. They are becoming a great marketing tool, increasing your following and eventual sales. Also, it’s a great way to grow your email list and gain hundreds of new ‘warm leads’.


Tools you need to decide on:

  • Webinar hosting platform

  • Email marketing platform

  • Where you are going to build a landing page

I recently done this exact task for a client of mine, we used Zoom to host the webinar, Mail Chimp for the emails and I built the landing page on her Squarespace website. This worked very well for us. 



Schedule the meeting in Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before, go to, you can sign up for free and then download the software on to your desktop. Once downloaded, you can schedule  the meeting and it will create a link for you to then give to the people who sign up for the webinar. This link is where your webinar will be shown when it is live. 


tips on how to set up an online webinar



Create a new ‘list’ in Mail Chimp to collect emails from the opt-in form that will be inserted on your landing page.


tips on how to set up an online webinar



Create the landing page. Leadpages and Instapage are examples of online sites that you can utilise to create your landing page, but if you want to create one for free you can easily do so in your Squarespace website. 

Once logged in to Squarespace, under pages create a new page but ensure it’s in the ‘not linked’ section, that way it won’t be in the navigation bar. Then you simply create the page using the text, images, code and form blocks. 

tips on how to set up an online webinar

Example template to follow and information to include on the page: 

  1. The webinar title, date and time

  2. Opt in form “register your place now”

  3. Countdown timer, I have used Motion Mail before and it’s worked very well by embedding the code into a code block

  4. Information about what viewers can expect to learn from watching your webinar (a bullet point list is good), “here’s what you’re going to learn”

  5. Another CTA - “save your seat for the webinar now”

  6. A little bio about the host, explain why are you an expert on the topic

  7. Final CTA - webinar title, date and time with a form “join the webinar now”


tips on how to set up an online webinar


The landing page needs to be engaging and attractive, this is your ‘sales page’. If your webinar is free, tell viewers that by using the word “free” often!

Final feature and one of the most important features of an landing page is removing the navigation bar and any other links away from the page. This can be done with inputting code in the advanced settings of the page. This is the code you can use:


 #header, #footer, #preFooter, #MainNavigation { display: none !important; }


Click save and you should notice the navigation bar and footer has disappeared. Once this has happened, you will want to insert your logo as an image block at the top of the page. 

Please note: the code can be different depending on your theme. If you need help finding the code that works for your site the Squarespace Answers site is helpful or there is a Squarespace Facebook group too where you can ask for assistance. 



Create a thank you for registering email in Mail Chimp which will automatically be sent to your subscribers once they have signed up to the webinar. This will also provide them with the next steps and how to watch your webinar. 

Tell them you are glad they have signed up, remind them of the date and time and to mark it in their calendar. You can even use the site to insert code into the email, which will make it super easy for readers click the link and add the event to their calendar of choice. 

Crucially, include the link to the webinar. You would have gathered this from step one of scheduling the meeting in Zoom. 



Create a 24 hours before and a 30 minutes before email and schedule them out for the specific times before your webinar. These are reminders of when the webinar is starting and can massively increase your viewers. Remind people of why they don’t want to miss it. Also, include the link again and steps to prepare themselves for the webinar, such as: making sure they have water and snacks, turn off phone notifications and making sure they have a notebook and pen. 



  • Email your current email list fo the upcoming webinar

  • Create a new blog post where you can promote the webinar too

  • Create promotional graphics for your social media

  • Promote inside Facebook groups


Example promotional graphic for Instagram

tips on how to set up an online webinar



Remember to follow up with:

  • A email thanking them for watching the webinar

  • A replay of the webinar (which is available for up to 48 hours)

  • A email promoting your offers and services - the next steps for viewers who want more


I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know in the comments below are you hosting a webinar soon? What steps do you still need to do to prepare yourself? Contact me directly at if you would like any assistance.