How To Get Started With Pinterest

Do you have a blog? Are you using Pinterest to promote your blog posts? Let me help you with some tips for getting started with Pinterest and more importantly, how to use this platform to drive traffic to your site. 

If you run a blog, either in its own entirely or attached to your business website, it is quite important to use Pinterest. You probably know this, but just haven’t invested the time to organise your account or it just confuses you. This used to be me!


Through managing clients accounts I have learnt the fundamentals of getting started with Pinterest. These tips below will help you have a well curated and established profile, ready to attract clients and direct them to your website.


  1. Set the account up as a business account, verify your website and enable Rich Pins 

  2. Have an on-brand profile picture

  3. Add keywords to your profile name

  4. Create an engaging profile bio stating what you do and how you help people, remember to include your targeted keywords

  5. Create 15 - 20 boards which are relevant to your brand and niche

  6. Each board needs a board description, including as many targeted keywords as possible

  7. Have at least 25 pins on each board, try increasing this to 100 once you get going

  8. Create a board which only has the pins related to your blog posts, this should also be the first board at the top of your profile

  9. Create 2 - 4 pins for each blog post: they should always be vertical and have text overlay on the image describing the post and engaging the client

  10. Make sure all your own pins have full descriptions filled with keywords and a CTA

  11. Once you have pinned all your posts into your specific board just for your blog, re-pin them into all your other relevant boards

  12. Create cover board images

  13. Set up Tailwind and start scheduling pins

  14. Find group boards and request to join 

  15. Join Tailwind Tribes


This is just a quick list for you to get started with Pinterest. It takes time to get everything set up, but once you have a more established looking account it will be able to grow, driving traffic to your site and benefiting your business. 


I hope this has helped, contact me directly at if you would like any assistance 


Top tips on how to get started with Pinterest