Hey, I’m Abby


I started Wave VA Studio to help you launch your new offer with impact and success! The online world isn’t something to conquer; it’s something to experience. And I’m here to help you experience results and transformations for your own clients.

I’m all about uncovering your biz goals and helping you make waves in your industry. How do I do this? By creating funnels and managing your content so you can show people that you’re different. Having a virtual assistant isn’t enough anymore. You need someone who is going to become part of your brand. Like the wind to the water. Together, we can make waves.

Working with Abby was a wonderful experience! She was extremely organised and detailed! She delivered exactly what I asked for, and even anticipated my needs. I look forward to working with her on my next project, and would absolutely recommend her work to to anyone looking for project management and execution!
— Digital marketer and speaker, Leslie Douglas

✔︎ Let’s bring organisation and automation into your business 

✔︎ Let’s free up your time, so you can have fun concentrating on the tasks you enjoy most

✔︎ Let’s take away that feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked 

✔︎ Let’s give you effective funnel strategies

✔︎ Let’s grow your email list by making genuine leads

Do you want to sign more 1:1 clients, gain more course members, sell more of your product - INCREASE YOUR FREAKING SALES?


I’m a BucketList Bombshells student. Check out my Student Spotlight feature to learn more about my story.



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