Make some waves!

Funnel strategy with full tech set up and support

From overwhelm to calmness in
the matter of one-click

Created for women entrepreneurs who are
ready to reach their best level


Getting your business organised feels like a wave from your best friend.


I’m Abby, your new best friend and technical assistant. I’m here to sit you down and roll back the clock on your busiest days.

I totally understand you. You’re doing great. You’re helping people, managing your company, and making sweet connections, but you still lose a lot of time configuring and managing your brand.

Whether you just need tech support or assistance with strategy too, we can make waves together.


Forget “next level”.
Take your business to the best level.

It’ll seem effortless because we’ll be having fun getting your funnels set up, but you’ll notice results. Hear what some of my past business BFFs have to say about working together. It’s not just about growing your company. The other virtual assistants help you do that too. I’m actually going to make it easy for you to create and focus on an actionable and scalable business plan for your latest offer, with my full tech support backing you up.

Abby is an absolute pleasure to work with! Having her managing content for me has allowed me to be more focused on the parts of my business that I love and am good at. She’s organised and quick to learn. Her super helpful and cheerful manner has made her a dream to work with!
— Writer and coach, Meg Cowan

Are you ready?